We loving catering events and workplace lunches but Deliveroo and UberEats - bless 'em - are often overwhelmed during the lunch rush and rarely can deliver at a specified time. However, if you are happy to receive your lunch during a window of an hour or so, please use Deliveroo or UberEats; it's easy, you can order online, and you can schedule in advance.

Otherwise, with notice, we can deliver large orders near our location at anytime. If you are looking for 10 or more pizzas for your event, please call us at 020 7242 3246 at least a day or two before and we'll be pleased to arrange a memorable meal.

If you are ordering fewer than 10 pizzas, please use Deliveroo or UberEats below.

Takeaway + Delivery

Clerkenwell/Farringdon (Central London)


Ring us at 020 7242 3246 Monday to Saturday (Closed Sunday) to arrange a pizza for pickup.


Get Wedge Issue delivered by selecting your favourite delivery service:

  • Uber Eats
  • Deliveroo